Tryst with Royalty

If any palace hotel can truly be called timeless, it must be the Alsisar Haveli – A Heritage Hotel. Situated majestically in the refined Jhunjhunu neighbourhood of Jaipur, Rajasthan, the Alsisar Haveli harks back to an era when Maharajas and Maharanis wore opulent clothes and plenty of jewels. For all its grand guests and gilded pomp, the Haveli had begun to feel like a museum until 1994, when the descendants of the Kachawa Rajput converted it into a heritage hotel. Unlike many other palace hotels that hew closer to preservation, the aesthetic at the Alsisar has gone from just ancient régime to an up-to-date grandeur that feels of-the-moment. You & I takes a tour of the Haveli with the 16th scion of the royalty of Alsisar and current head of the family, Abhimanyu Singh Alsisar.


Opened in 1994, the Alsisar Haveli in Jaipur embodies refined Rajasthani luxury in the desert. Located just half an hour away from Amber Fort and Jal Mahal, the gorgeous traditional Rajput property is truly palatial, with 45 well-equipped heritage style state-of-the-art rooms. The Haveli elegantly incorporates period furniture, exceptional antiques, and photographs. Abhimanyu Singh, also known as the
Raja of Khetri stated, “I come from a lineage of custodians of Alsisar, erstwhile noblemen of Alsisar in Shekhawati. Today my family has opened up our homes for visitors, keeping the tradition of hospitality alive. We run our family house in Jaipur as a hotel called Alsisar Haveli, and our ancestral palace in Alsisar (also a hotel) – Alsisar Mahal. The buildings were built as homes, not hotels, and offering discerning guests the same facilities as a modern hotel while retaining the old-world charm is our biggest challenge.”


Done up in neutral tones, the well-appointed rooms and suites are spread out over two floors comprising living rooms, dining spaces, bedrooms, and a bar area. Apart from this, the refreshingly modern accommodations have their own private terraces offering breathtaking views of the Nahargarh Fort. Guests can enjoy breakfast in an impressive dining room and have a choice of a restaurant for a casual meal by the pool. “The large terrace, cosy decor, direct view of the Fort, and the swimming pool make our tastefully crafted rooms and suites your home away from home in Jaipur,” he added.
Needless to say, there’s no bad room at the Alsisar Haveli. But of the 45 rooms and suites, one stands out from the rest. The Luxury Suite is the hotel’s most requested and popular accommodation, and it’s easy to see why. Upon entering through the brown-lacquer doors, guests are welcomed by a gold and silver hand-painted grand dome. This is followed by a living room where one can immediately settle into a Pandora box filled with antiques, paintings and a chandelier that illuminates the room perfectly. The living room thus flows into an elegantly done up master bathroom. An Asian-inspired aesthetic binds the space together, with the bedroom’s white walls, desk, bespoke chandelier, and paintings. The bedroom with its marble finishes has a walk-in shower stall and deep soaking tub. “The Luxury Suite is truly one of the Alsisar’s most dramatic and distinctive spaces,” notes Abhimanyu. “It highlights the antique pieces and paintings in my house have been part of my life since I was a child – pieces passed down generation after generation.”


And what about the palace’s best-known feature, the Sheesh Mahal? The first approach for the family was to make it as fresh as it had been in the 1800s. Abhimanyu says, “It was satisfying to bring the lounge – indeed, the entire palace – back to life, while respecting its history. The haveli, with sophisticated luxuries, traditional Rajput-ian architecture, modern technologies, and contemporary design offers new opportunities to surprise guests and make their stay memorable and unique.”




With rambling courtyards, lush greenery, serene alcoves, and rooms where one can curl up with a book while watching the hustle and bustle of the Pink City, the Alsisar Haveli is the ultimate destination if you want to experience the royal treatment. “Luxury to me is to be able to sit in my garden, listen to the sing-song and dance of the peacocks that frequent Alsisar Haveli, whilst I enjoy my evening tea. I never really thought that I grew up differently from anyone else. This place is my home, and that was that!”   – as told to Anisha