True Fashion

It’s everyone’s desire to look good, and they say clothes can make a person, so why not invest in a good wardrobe? For those of us who don’t keep up to speed with fashion trends and style diktats, fashion shows are great ways to pick up tips and catch up on the world of fashion.

Sridevi Kapoor

In one sense, fashion is defined by the popular styles followed by the majority of people. It extends to clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup and more. Fashion trends change from time to time depending on current fads, seasons, colour preferences, styles and textures. It is usually followed by people who have similar tastes, but they may adapt them in their own ways.


These fashion trends are frequently initiated with the help of various fashion shows that take place across the globe. In India, there are several fashion shows like the Blenders Pride Fashion Tour, Lakmé Fashion Week, Wills India Fashion Week, and Indian Bridal Fashion Week. These serve as a platform for initiating fashion trends and styles.