Tropical Beach Vibes!

The lovely Liza Malik is a popular actor, singer, performer, and the Miss Delhi 2004 title holder. Having appeared in several TV shows, movies, and albums, she’s always on her toes with work. However, her passion for travel has taken her around the globe in spite of her hectic schedule. “Travelling helps me grow as a person,” she explains. “I get to meet different people and understand different cultures. I love to explore the music native to each place, which inspires me. I also love to cook, so trying out various cuisines from around the world is one of the things I love about travelling.” Liza went on a ten-day trip to Thailand and tells us all about what turned out to be one of her favourite vacations.

“It was a birthday vacation and I went with a bunch of my girlfriends,” she tells us, adding, “I travel to a new and unexplored place every year for my birthday. It’s a birthday tradition I have with my girls and this time, we decided to visit all the unexplored islands and beaches in the country. ”Thailand is known for its beautiful beaches, but it also features well-known sightseeing spots including magnificent royal palaces, ancient ruins, and ornate Buddhist temples. Some of the most iconic temples of Thailand are Wat Arun, Temple of the Emerald Buddha, and Wat Pho in Bangkok.

The group first went to the once-quiet fishing village of Pattaya, which is now filled with resorts and modern, high-rise condos. But they chose to explore the quiet side of Pattaya by visiting the lesser-known beaches and the hillside Wat Phra Yai Temple. They then went on to Koh Samui, which is the second largest island in Thailand. On this island, the group visited all the well-known spots like Big Buddha Beach, the Hin Ta and Hin Yai rock formations, the two Na Muang waterfalls with their massive purple rocks, and the ethereal Secret Buddha Garden. The girls then went to Ko Pha Ngan, an island in Southeast Thailand where they visited Hat Rin Beach (which hosts the famous Full Moon parties), Mae Haad Beach, the parks and gardens, Than Sadet, and Salad Beach. They also visited a few lesser-known and less populated beaches in the beautiful Ko Pha Ngan.

“The most memorable experience of my trip was when we hired a private yacht and visited several unexplored virgin islands among the islands of Thailand,” Liza reminisces. “Wherever we went in our private yacht, we felt like we owned that island because there was literally no one!” she adds.

After spending a good ten days of travelling and relaxing on the splendid tropical beaches of Thailand, the girls finally head back home. “The country is filled with wonderful nature. We spent our time getting refreshed and rejuvenated to get back to the city life. The pristine beaches had their own sweet charm that I will never forget!” Liza concludes. 

-  as told to Tanya