Tripti Dimrii on fun, fashion and sustainability

The recently held 2021 edition of the Lakme Fashion Week (LFW) in collaboration with the Fashion Design Council of India saw a bevvy of Bollywood stars support designers either by walking the runway in limited on-ground shows or feature in the videos for the phygital edition.

Satya Paul by Rajesh Pratap Singh was the finale of the Sustainable Fashion Day featuring a live showcase of Carbon Zero TENCEL fibres and titled "The Master's Words", and a film 'The Search'. The colourful and sustainable collection paid tribute to the late Satya Paul who passed away earlier this year.

Having been with the Satya Paul brand, Rajesh Pratap Singh has always followed sustainability in his own practice, he has strived to make the brand more contemporary and also worked towards making it more sustainable not only in terms of production but also by using fibres that are sustainable. These practices have made the entire collaboration have a deeper and truer meaning.

IANSlife caught up with actress Tripti Dimrii, showstopper at the show for a quick chat.

Read excerpts:

Q: Did you enjoy the on-ground fashion event and the energy that came with a physical show and appearance?

A: Yes I did.. last year it was all virtual and we didn't get to be a part of the madness, but this time they have managed to put together a regular show, with less number of people of course. They are also making sure that everyone is fully vaccinated and tested, which I believe is really important and I am glad they followed the protocols because I felt safe. But ya I do miss the madness .. I do miss being surrounded by hundreds of people and am sure it'll be normal next year.

Q: The outfit that was chosen for you for the show, how did it complement your style and did it uplift your mood?

A: They chose a full black outfit for me, a black blazer along with loose black pants; it looked amazing. Black is the colour of power and I did feel powerful as soon as I got into the outfit. Plus one can never go wrong with black. I felt comfortable and super confident wearing the outfit.

Q: Your travel style?
I mostly travel light with just a few track pants, sports shoes, sunglasses, sunscreens and that's about it. I feel it's important to travel light because you can then move around easily.

Q: A book, a movie, the gym, or a night out. What is your perfect way to unwind?
A: Definitely a night out. I love being outdoors and don't miss any opportunity to just be out with people and see beautiful places the world has to offer.

Q: How do you support sustainable fashion?
A: I make sure that I don't throw away old clothes. I am always using them in one way or the other, like I have many suits that I have made out of my dad or my mom's old sarees. they really look amazing.

Q: What is an experience in your life that you're waiting to have?
A: I really wanna go scuba diving next year as I have never done it before... and I think i will plan it around my birthday. I'm really excited about it.      - IANS

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