The tribute of gold

Launching gilded versions of gadgets is not something new. However, Analogue’s latest launch of the 24k NES player is something even the minimalist would love to own. Celebrating The Legend of Zelda’s 30th anniversary, the video game maker Analogue launched a gilded NES system for patrons of video games.

Considering the legendary Japanese game’s anniversary is a significant event for a video game patron, the brand decided to launch only 10 units of the gilded system, catering only to the discerning Nintendo fans. Hand-polished and crafted in Seattle, Washington, each of the systems features a premium limited edition box, full cable set, HDMI upgrades featuring a region-free clause allowing users to play both the NES US and Japanese Famicom games.

The 24k NES set by Analogue is priced at whopping $5000, approximately. Quite aspirational that is; wonder who the 10 lucky people owning it will be.