Tres Leches

Ingredients                      Qty

eggs (whole)                     4
caster sugar                     160 gm
flour                                 100 gm
butter                               70 gm
vanilla essence                  10 ml

For three milk syrup

milk                                  250 ml
fresh cream                       250 ml
Milkmaid                           250 ml

For three milk sauce
three milk sauce               200ml
egg (yolk)                         2

For praline sauce
three milk sauce               150 ml
hazelnut paste                  75 gm

For tulip mix
flour                                  500 gm
icing sugar                        500 gm
egg white                         360 gm
sugar syrup                      340 gm
vanilla essence                  5 ml

For candied rose petal
egg (white)                        1
caster sugar                      50 gm
rose petal                          1
pistachio flakes                  50 gm


1.   Coat the rose petal with egg white and caster sugar. Let it sit for a day before preparation.
Whisk the eggs and sugar in a mixing bowl until the sugar melts and forms peaks. Add strained flour and melted butter. Fold them in, and put the mixture into a mould that’s previously greased with butter and dusted with flour.

2.   Bake the mix at 140°C for 14 minutes and set aside. Make three milk syrup by heating milk and cream in a saucepan, then add the milkmaid gradually and stir.

3.   Pour the above syrup over the tres leches sponge until it completely soaks it in. Remove the sponge in a serving bowl, and make the three milk sauce by stirring egg yolks and three milk syrup. Double-boil it until it thickens, and pour it on the sponge.

4.   Make praline sauce by mixing the three milk sauce and hazelnut paste. Strain and drizzle it over the sponge.

5.   For garnish of the tulip, mix all the ingredients together and pour into a piping bag, creating a net shape with the mix. Bake it at 160°C for 8 minutes. Cool the tulip net and the garnish along with the candied rose petal and pistachio flakes. Serves 10.