Travelling: Beauty essential tips

Finally the time of the year has arrived when we all are early waiting to meet our friends and family, and often this means you may have to take a long haul flight. While you might be excited to meet your family and friends, at the same time long flights can be exhausting. Most of all, it can make your skin look dull and your hair in a mess. Here are a few great tips to help you with that problem.

Beauty tips:

1. Hydrate yourself- One of the first steps you must do to ensure your skin glows even after a long and exhausting flight journey, is to drink plenty of water. Water is extremely beneficial as it keeps your skin well hydrated and prevents headaches. More water means more bathroom breaks; hence this will give you a reason to walk around and stretch.
2. Do not apply any makeup. The dry environment in the airplane tends to draw out the moisture from your skin and leaves your face looking dull throughout the flight journey. One of the best ways to makesure your skin is glowing is avoid applying any makeup. A thick layer of makeup will definitely sabotage your skin.
3. Makesure to wear comfortable clothes- Most people prefer to wear comfortable clothes especially while travelling. It is very essential to choose the right clothes when you’re travelling. Avoid wearing tight clothes as it can lead to infections, itches, skin allergies and heat bumps. Wear something you’re comfortable in and don’t forget to carry a warm jacket as it can get really cold.

A few more essential travel tips: walk around and stretch, Pick the right meals, carry a hydrating facial spray, wear eye mask, and sleep well.

-Akhila kakarala
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