Travel the World with Your Personal Louis Vuitton Dj Trunk!

Imagine how great it would be if you could take your personal DJ around the world with you while you travel! This luxury DJ trunk can now fulfill that dream. Devialet collaborated with Louis Vuitton and came up with this absolutely stunning, compact and stylish DJ trunk, which has a musical and modern take on the iconic Stokowski writing-desk trunk. This trunk has all the essential tools that a professional DJ would need to give a live performance. What’s more? This trunk also includes the Devialet Phantom, turntable and vinyl recordings, a computer, headphones and a mixer. For this trunk, Devialet has also designed a special limited edition of the Gold Phantom, with the metal sides featuring a ruthenium finish. This designer DJ trunk also wears the ‘LV’ monogram on it.      - Courtesy: