Model turned actor and titleholder of Miss India Earth 2014, Alankrita Sahai describes herself as an absolutely happy and grateful human. “An artist by profession, I am very passionate about the work I do,” she says. She has always worked towards giving more than she has in every aspect of her life. Intricately involved with the causes of women empowerment in fields such as sports and mental health, she has put her effort and mind into spreading awareness about these issues and more. “I don’t believe in talking about myself.” she says. “My work should be able to one day!”

“Apart from my work and the causes I advocate for, I have a strong passion for travelling; I’ve been to 17 countries!” Alankrita tells us. The most recent places she has visited are Spain, Italy, and Thailand. After travelling for a month and a half with her friends and family around Italy and Spain, she went to Thailand for workcation.

“I wanted to just breathe fresh air and be at peace,” Alankrita says. “Meeting new people and venturing out is always the best part of travelling for me. Eat, pray, and love has always been my motto while travelling!” For, the purpose is always to grow, enjoy the moment, and create memories.

“My trip started with a bang, you could say, because the first thing that happened was losing my luggage for 10 days. But it was as funny as it was sad!” she laughs. “I had to wear my friends’ clothes initially, but once we got to Italy, I used this as an excuse to go on a shopping spree. Communicating with the airline company and figuring out how to get my luggage back was definitely a task. We were travelling around a lot and, as a result, my luggage kept going from one city to another as we travelled, but never got where we were on time.” Alankrita adds, “However, not having my luggage with me made me feel lighter, with no baggage – literally and figuratively! For 10 days, I had nothing to worry about. It was somehow freeing, like I had no responsibilities at all. It’s definitely something I will never forget!”

She travelled around Italy, visiting popular attractions like the Colosseum in Rome, the famed canals in Venice, Brunelleschi’s Duomo in Florence, and the Gothic Duomo di Milano Cathedral in Milan. Then she moved on to Spain where she travelled around Barcelona, the Royal Palace in Madrid, Seville, and Granada. And while her visit to Thailand was work-oriented, Alankrita still took every little opportunity she could to truly experience the place!

“Throughout my travel, the art and architecture inspired me in the places I visited. There is so much history and emotion behind every human action in history. So much love, and yet so many barriers and borders that divide us,” Alankrita gushes. “I witnessed the beauty and pain of each country’s people. I felt like I could understand the vibe in the cities I visited because I could delve into the history behind these people. I believe in immersing myself in the place I’m visiting. From the history and heritage to the cafés and malls, I enjoyed every bit of each country!’

“I love going on vacations, mostly because they bring me back fresh and bronzed!”(laughs).

“Meeting new people and trying to understand them makes you a better individual in so many ways! You learn, you evolve, and eventually you become a happier person,” Alankrita concludes with a smile.    

- Tanya