Train the Brain

Eating healthy is something that we all try to do every now and then, many a time unsuccessfully. While we’d all love to be the perfect pictures of health, looking slim and feeling healthy, it’s never quite that simple. As easy as it is to begin a healthy food regimen, it’s as tough to stick by it. A whiff of doughnuts and the sight of French fries are enough to make you forget about your healthy diet altogether, so the big question is: how do you stick to eating healthy without feeling like you’re giving up too much?
Experts believe that it is possible to train your brain to enjoy (and even crave) healthy food that you may not otherwise desire. Absurd as that sounds, it works. If you think about it, we often have ways of manipulating our minds into believing we’re better off than we are; this is one way we cope with situations. Similarly, you can manipulate your mind into enjoying healthier food options, and there are a few ways to go about this.

healthy food
The first step is to do a little remodelling of the items in your house. Get rid of all the unhealthy foods you’ve got, and instead stock up on all the healthy ones you’d like to be eating. It may be tough getting rid of those chocolate bars and bags of potato chips, but push through the pain. You could go a step further and do this at work, or other places you frequent. It is difficult to keep your house like this all the time, and there will be exceptions like birthdays and other celebrations. When you buy foods that are unhealthy, ensure you do away with them immediately after they’re needed. Don’t leave these temptations lying about, but don’t be wasteful; donate to a needy person or someone else who may enjoy it.
Some researchers believe that our cravings for unhealthy and fattening foods stem from our caveman ancestors, who were in constant need of fatty foods to keep on the much-needed weight. Whether or not this is true, one thing’s for sure. With diseases on the rise, the healthier you keep yourself, the better your chances of extending your life.

mouthful of fruit or nuts
Many of us have the habit of waiting until we feel hungry to eat. When we do feel those pangs, we crave rich foods that we know will satiate our hunger. Foods that contain fat, sugar and salt are obvious choices, but what happens when we eat these is that we continue to eat long after our stomachs are full.  This unhealthy cycle is an in-built instinct that we need to overcome, by rewiring our minds (so to speak) so that we may fill up on healthier options.
One of the ways to do this is to eat a lot of a certain healthy food that you’d like to develop a taste for, such as grapefruit or papaya. Our bodies tend to adjust to routine quite well, so pick a low-calorie or sugarless alternative and make it a part of your daily diet. In a couple of weeks, you will notice that your body craves this food.

mouthful of fruit or nuts
Have you ever noticed that watching somebody eat something as simple as a sandwich (especially on a movie or television screen) makes you want that, too? Our bodies want what we see consumed around us, so surrounding yourself with healthy eaters may influence you to do the same thing. There are moments when a craving for something decadently unhealthy hits, but don’t always give in. Instead, eat something healthy – carry it around with you, if you must. Replace your unhealthy craving with a mouthful of fruit or nuts.
Another reason eating healthy food is important is because calorific and heavy ones tend to trigger a kind of addictive response in many people. Fattier, sweeter, saltier, richer foods make your body want more. Avoid going down this dangerous path and habituating your body to unhealthy food.

Eating healthy is habit one needs to acquire through practice. Instead of motivating yourself with weight loss, use the health of the food itself. To avoid cravings, eat regular meals and keep your stomach full using healthy alternatives. It’s difficult to stick to a diet with so many choices and places to eat these days, but studies have shown that once your body gets in the habit, it can lose the cravings. Not only that, but the body also begins to want and enjoy healthy food over junk.
Once you begin to train your brain, you’ll see a big difference in your body, energy levels, and state of mind. These seemingly small things are enough to keep you going, and before you know it, it’s become second nature.                                            ..... Saloni