Trailer Watch – The Incredibles 2

Finally! The sequel that everyone has been waiting for has arrived. Back in 2004, “The Incredibles” won our heart and left us feeling incomplete. We craved a sequel, another insight into the world of a regular family of superheroes, but we were left to wonder if we would ever get one. Now finally, the “Incredibles” fandom has been awoken from their long slumber, as the sequel, “The Incredibles 2” has finally been announced.

Brad Bird will return to direct the long-awaited movie and joining the cast are “Better Call Saul” actor, Bob Odenkirk, as an evil telecommunications mogul, and Catherine Keener as his tech-genius sister. Sophia Bush voices a new character named Voyd. Samuel L. Jacksons Frozone is back, as is the rest of the original cast. The movie, as per the trailer, seems to be about a Billionaire bad-guy  (Bob Odenkirk) who wants to redeem super heroes, or more specifically, Holly Hunter’s Elastic-girl, which leaves her husband Bob, aka Mr.Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) with the kids, notably the youngest, Jack-Jack, all while discovering his super-powers during the process. All said and done, we for one are extremely excited. The trailer was unveiled by the creators during the 2018 Winter Olympics on the 14th of February.



;-Rubaina Bilgrami



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