It’s a new year, and that signals the start of new beginnings. If you’re one of the chosen few to be part of a plutocratic dynasty, a pharma-baron making the COVID vaccine or a real estate mogul looking for inspiration on where to splurge your freshly minted moolah on, here are You & I’s top ten picks for you. From private jets to some snazzy new additions to your wardrobe, these coveted luxe items will add that oomph to any lifestyle, and make your friends, family and neighbours turn bottle green with envy.        

Airbus Corporate Jet A319


Nita Ambani was gifted a similar one for her birthday by her doting husband, Mukesh. A variant of the A320, which carries over 200 passengers as a commercial jet, this private jet has a range of over 11,000 kilometres, with removable fuel tanks that can be retrofitted into the cargo compartment. Costing just a little over USD 100 Million, plus 18% import fees if you’re planning on keeping it as your personal jet, this is one of the largest options for a private plane in the market today. Previous buyers have used the additional cargo floor to make duplex living quarters, resplendent with spa rooms, suites of bedrooms, boardrooms, and ample space to fit in the extra staff and bodyguards. 

The Rolls Royce Phantom Extended 2018


The latest Phantom from the Rolls Royce stable, this particular leviathan on the roads should be your go-to-car if you truly want to make a statement while hopping from your office to lunch meeting. At almost 11 crores, this particular model is longer, sleeker and far more technologically superior to its previous variants. Each Phantom is also bespokely made by its owner, i: e the good folks at RR make sure you pick out everything in your car, from the material and finish of The Spirit of Ecstasy on the hood of the car to the carpeting in your private suite at the back, which shuts off from your chauffeur in the front behind a smoked-screen glass. 

Remy Martin Cognac Louis XIII


If you’re a fan of Cognac, or in the mood to impress your boozard friends and connoisseurs, this is the bottle to stow away for those very occasions on the top of your bar shelf. Blended with casked cognac from France that’s almost a century old; the Louis Trez costs upwards of USD 5000 a bottle. However, the bragging rights of drinking something that was produced around the time as the First World War is priceless. Remy Martin is so proud of this particular limited edition that in 2015 they hired actor John Malkovich to make a movie that will only be shown after a century. The movie, stored in a special digital vault, made by Fiche-Bauche will automatically open on November 18, 2115. 

Chateau Lafite 1982


A favourite of Chinese oligarchs and wine connoisseurs around the world, the Lafite 82 came to prominence in China thanks to gangster movies and soap operas that popularized its vintage over all others. In reality, 82 was an exceptional year for the vineyard, one of the handfuls of Grand Vins from France. It’s priced at around 50,000 GBP and has an almost port-like richness that only betters with age. Wine-tasters have hailed it as one of the industry’s legends, thus contributing to its rising price every year. One of the most sought-after vintages of the century, the Lafite 82 is considered fresh, classy and intense by industry-insiders and is sure to impress even the snootiest of wine-snobs out there. 

Berluti Shoes


Good shoes take you to good places, at least that’s what the age-old adage is. One of the world’s premiere shoe-makers, Berluti is the company of choice for shoe-obsessed billionaires and millionaires the world over. Their classic shapes and only the best leather and innate comfort have made them the staple of Kings, Presidents and dictators for over a century. Today headquartered in France, Berluti is owned by the acclaimed LVMH Group, but was originally founded in Italy in 1895. Famous and glamorous patrons in the past have included Sinatra, Yves Saint Laurent and Andy Warhol… and with that hall of fame of celebs backing the shoe, one wouldn’t blame you for heading for your nearest Berluti showroom (Dubai) to pick up your very own pair of these covetable kicks. 

JACOB & Co Millionaire Watch


The Billionaire variant of this very watch is perhaps too flash to wear, with diamonds covering almost every facet of the timepiece. In our humble opinion, this particular model is a classy wearable piece of horology that will make heads turn everywhere the wearer chooses to accompany it. With over 70 diamonds and a blue alligator leather strap, the watch encases a skeletal dial and manual-winding movement. Perfect for day-time champagne soirées on your yacht or wearing it during a black-tie, red-carpet event, the watch is versatile enough to be worn at any time of the day. 

George Cleverly Russian Leather passport case


On December 10, 1786, a storm forced the Metta Catharina ship, bound for the Mediterranean with a cargo of hemp and leather from the Russian Port of St. Petersburg to sink. The crew could get ashore, but the ship and its cargo were lost - until almost 200 years later divers found a ship’s bell on the seafloor. Further investigation revealed bundles of hides littering the sea bed. They were remarkably well preserved after two centuries of immersion in black mud. Since those hides were retrieved, many hundreds have been brought to the surface. They have been tanned the traditional Russian way, which involves soaking in pits of willow bark and currying with birch oil. The famous ‘Russia’ leather is renowned for its ability to resist water and repel insects. Made by George Cleverly of England, this passport case is the perfect accompaniment to your travels worldwide, with its very own unique history and tale to tell.

A Cifonelli Suit


“You can spot a Cifonelli Suit from a distance of a hundred meters,” famously said the late designer Karl Lagerfeld. Originally based in Milan, but now located in Paris, Cifonelli, pronounced Chee-fo-nelli is today run by their family’s fourth generation, brothers Lorenzo and Massimo Cifonelli. Known for their original cigarette-shoulder, the suits made by Cifonelli are classic Italian structured, not adhering to the trends and fashions being dictated by other newer brands in the market. Clients have included Fred Astaire, Prince Michael of Kent, Francois Mitterand and more recently the Maharaja of Jaipur, Padmanabh Singh, who has even been the face of their most recent ad campaign. 

Loro Piana Cashmere Jacket


The Italian clothes manufacturer has become the designer of choice for Euro-billionaires who like to holiday on the slopes of the Alps in beautiful resorts across Austria, France and Germany. Known mainly for their vicuña, LoroPiana’s style is extremely understated… allowing only those in the know to discern one of their creations on a fellow connoisseur. A cashmere jacket from the brand is the perfect accompaniment to your wardrobe when planning a trip to the mountains or wanting to take off to somewhere chillier. Handcrafted in their factory by age-old artisans, small details such as fur linings only add to the richness of this item of clothing, that is sure to make you stand out. 

Amex Black


When you’re travelling around the globe or even shopping or eating out here in the country, there’s no better statement than to whip out your very own Amex Black. While this may come off as a commercial endorsement, the truth is that unless you’re a bonfire big-spender, there’s no way that you can get your hands on one of these. With a minimum spending history of over USD 300,000, this particular instrument of limitless credit is as elusive as it is coveted. A customer once spent over USD 53 Million on the card at Christie’s when he bought an ancient tea-cup from the Chinese imperial collection.