Torta Caprese and Funghi Trifolati

Torta Caprese (Chocolate and Almond Cake)

Ingredients                          Qty

For the chocolate and almond cake
sugar                                 300 gms
almond powder                   300 gms
butter                                175 gms
dark chocolate                   150 gms
egg whites                         5
egg yolks                           5
For the marinated strawberry
strawberry                         500 gms
sugar                               100 gms
lemon juice                       5 ml



For the cake, mix the egg yolks with half the sugar.
Add the almond powder.
Make a meringue mixture with the egg whites and rest of the sugar.
In a double boiler, melt the chocolate and butter. Then add that to the egg yolk mixture and meringue.
Bake at 180°C for about 30-35 minutes.
For the marinated strawberries, clean the strawberries and mix it with sugar and lemon juice.
Cook the mixture in a double boiler for about 10 minutes.
Once the cake cools, serve it with the marinated strawberry.


Funghi Trifolati (Sautéed mushrooms)

Ingredients                              Qty

honey mushrooms                      50 gms
white bottom mushrooms            50 gms
oyster mushrooms                      50 gms
chestnut mushrooms                  50 gms
shitake mushrooms                    50 gms
extra virgin olive oil                     50 ml
butter                                       50 gms
garlic                                        3 cloves
chopped onions                         10 gms
white wine                                 30 ml
salt and black pepper                 as required
thyme                                       a few    
chopped parsley                         a few 


Clean the mushrooms and cut them in half.
Heat the olive oil and add the garlic cloves, butter, and thyme.
Add the mushrooms and chopped onions, and after a few minutes add the white wine.
Fix with salt and pepper.
Cook it for about five minutes and serve with a garnishing of fresh chopped parsley.