Toreposh by Salva

With a culture as rich as Hyderabad’s, the adage “old is gold” fits perfectly. And with modern and contemporary styles gaining momentum, the Shaadi scene has been adapting to new ways and ideas. But Toreposh by Salva, created by Salva Shahid, was conceptualised to treat people to the old-world charm of the Nizams. A perfectionist in every task she does, Salva Shahid has been wowing the Hyderabadi crowd with Toreposh and her knowledge of old Hyderabad. “The absence of traditional detailing in weddings, especially authentic Hyderabadi ones, got me thinking. I realised that sticking to our roots ensures that every tiny aspect involved is sure to turn an ordinary event into a grand one.

You can never go wrong with the traditional way.”

Toreposh offers bridal couture, bridal hampers with customised gift packaging and trousseau packaging, wedding favours, and delectable desserts that will take you on a jog down the memory lane. Toreposh focuses primarily on individual detailing, tending to to various tastes and preferences with an artistic approach. Authenticity is the foundation on which Toreposh thrives, blending old with the new to create something unique.

The delectable dishes she offers include sweets from the Hyderabadi palette, featuring old favourites such as Gil-E-Firdaus, Ande Ke Lauz, Badam Ka Halwa, Gajjar Ka Halwa, and more. What’s interesting is that the recipes for these dishes have been passed down through generations, which makes them even more special. This also ensures that the treats will be absolutely delicious every single time! The bridal couture also has a classic, traditional touch to them in the design and detailing. You may even get your outfit customised! Toreposh by Salva is your one-stop shop this wedding season.

Salva Shahid @toreposh_by_salva Ph: 9391020483