Top three ways to keep your relationship from falling apart

Do you feel like the world is collapsing in front of your eyes? Does it seem like your relationship with the love of your life is falling apart? Guess what, you’re not alone. One of the biggest concerns many people have after they are married or have been in a relationship is the fear of losing the one they loved the most.  

Although, you must understand that a relationship is not always going to be a happy one. No matter what you have to face certain ups and downs. But at the end, whether you want to make this relationship a healthy one or not depend on you and your partner.

For all those who have are on the verge of ending their relationship with their significant other, here are top three ways to save your relation from falling apart.

•    Understand the root cause of the problem- The very first and vital step in saving your relationship is to figure out the reason- why things are not working out? Then the next step is to think about whether or not it is something you and your partner can talk about and work towards changing it.

•    Find new ways to reconnect- One of the ways to make sure your relationship is not on the edge is to find new ways to reconnect with your soul mate. You have to find new activities for example:  playing a sport, learning music, dancing together. It can be anything that you and your boyfriend/girlfriend enjoy doing together.

•    Seek help from outside- If you have been fighting with your partner over small issues, there are high chances of problems to escalate. If you and your partner are frequently fighting, then the best way to deal with this is to seek help from a counsellor. A counsellor will act as a mediator between you both and help resolve the issue.

-Akhila Kakarala
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