Top three ways to cope with stress

In today’s fast paced lifestyle, one of the most prevalent issues faced by most people is stress. If your one of them and wondering how to reduce stress, then luckily these days there are several ways to cope with stress and other mental issues.

Before we get into the details of ways to cope with this issue, let us find out what exactly the reasons for stress and its consequences. Stress is your body's method of responding to any sort of threat or demand. Some of the factors that lead to stress are working for long hours, heavy workload, unhappy with your workspace, divorce, traumatic events, financial burden, and chronic illness.

Some effective ways to overcome stress:

Digital detox: One of the effective ways to cope with stress is to go on a digital detox for a few days or even one day. The idea of not using technology might sound bizarre and probably it might seem quite impossible but some studies show that it is extremely beneficial for relaxing body and mind. Instead of constantly checking your phone or emails, just for a day keep them aside and indulge in activities like meeting friends, take a stroll in your neighborhood, or spend time with your family.

Make some healthy lifestyle changes. Making certain changes in the way you lead your life plays a major role in coping with stress. The healthier and happier you are, the better your mental state will be. some healthy habit: consume fresh and nutritious food, exercise on a daily basis, get good sleep, stay away from alcohol and smoking.

Spend time with your loved ones. Nothing can make one more happy than spending time with your loved ones. Sometimes it is good to spend time with your friends and family to reassure yourself that everything is going to alright after all.  

-Akhila kakarala
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