Top three unhealthy facts about eating bread

In several countries, bread has been a staple food since olden times.  It is widely available in various varieties like sweet, white, multigrain, and sourdough. This is one of the many food items that are consumed everywhere due to convenience and taste. But, some of you might be wondering,  is bread after all the healthiest food that is available to you? The answer is compared to fresh fruits and vegetables; bread is low in all the essential nutrients for a healthy living. 

In this article, let us look at top three unhealthy facts of eating bread: 

•  Bread has a low fibre content- One of the main ingredient used to make bread is refined flour. This type of flour has a low fibre content. If you choose to eat bread, one of the ways to make sure your body is getting all the fibre it needs is to pair a multigrain bread with boiled vegetables. Eating just the bread alone might result in heart diseases. Consuming bread made from sprouted grains, such as Ezekiel is an excellent option.  

•  Glycemix index- Several studies show that bread has high glycemix index. Eating foods with high glycemix index are not healthy for your body. They increase blood sugar levels and also increase the risk of obesity. 

•   Gluten content- Wheat products like bread contain high gluten content. People suffering from gluten allergy should avoid eating bread. Some find it difficult to digest the high level of gluten; as a result they may suffer from stomach problems. It is good to choose multigrain bread. 

-Akhila kakarala
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