Top three teenage problems

Right after giving birth to your child, you dream of giving your child everything that you might have missed in your childhood and teenage years. With the joy that comes along with raising a child, once your kid is in the teenage years, that’s when problems arise. Parents find it difficult to raise a teenager because they seem to be demanding at times. Parents find it quite a challenge to understand their teenager and in some cases it leads to major fights between the parent and the child.

In this write up, we present top three teenage problems.

Infatuation- It is quite a common sight for teenagers to get attracted to the opposite or same sex.  However, in such situations parents must have an understanding of these feelings and they should know how to address them. The lack of that friendly balance between a parent and child can lead to some serious issues. It might also result in children maintaining a secret relationship, which in a few cases might go wrong.

Depression and stress- One of the leading problems that children face in the present day scenario is stress and depression. When things go wrong with their peers or they have problems coping up at school, in some severe cases, teens tend to go onto depression. Many of them isolate themselves from their surrounding and their loved ones.

Menstruation- For several young girls, accepting changes in their body immediately has become a problem. The hormonal fluctuations are also very difficult to deal with. As a parent or a guardian it is important to educate and explain them about the changes, in order to make them feel better.

-Akhila kakarala
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