Top three summer infections and ways to prevent 

Summer is finally here! Right from family picnics, summer camps to outdoor and indoor activities, this month brings with it a whole lot of opportunities to explore. However, summer is also the time that brings along a lot of health problems.
In this article, we present you some health issues in summer. 

Heat rash- One common skin condition that occurs during summer is rash. The blazing heat can damage your skin- leaving you with pink and red patches all over your body. It can cause discomfort and itching. In order to avoid this, you should opt for summer-friendly clothing.

Food poisoning- One common infection that affects most people during summer is food poisoning. Some causes of food poisoning include sharing of meals, eating without washing your hands and consuming oily food. The reason most people are prone to this type of health issue is because bacteria thrive in moist and warm environments. In order to prevent food poisoning you must make sure to always clean your hands before eating and avoid eating left over meals and junk food.

Nosebleeds- While many believe that nose bleeds are caused due to dry air and not heat. A dry climate, indoor heating or air-conditioned rooms can irritate the nose lining and eventually dry it up. This can then cause itching, which might lead to bleeding when scratched or picked. The best solution to prevent this issue is by keeping your nostril area well moisturised. You can use ghee or petroleum jelly.  

-Akhila kakarala
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