Top three simple ways to burn calories

In today’s fast paced life, it becomes difficult to invest some time on working out. But one should understand that in order to lead a healthy life one must incorporate some form of exercise in their daily life. For people who do not like working out at the gym or find lifting weights a boring exercise, then there are a few effective physical activities that will help you burn weight and keeps you fit.

Top three effective tips:

1.    Dancing- Dancing is a good workout that is fun and helps you to burn excess fat. Whenever you get time, dance with your friends or join a dance class. This excellent workout helps to shed weight faster.

2.    Clean your house- A fun and an effective exercise that you can do just by staying at home is cleaning your home. Not only will your house be clean but it is also be a good workout to shed weight.

3.    Workout at the grocery store- Next time when you visit a grocery store, instead of carrying all your groceries at once, try to carry them one after the other. Use shopping basket instead of cart as it will help you exercise your shoulder and arm muscles.

-Akhila kakarala
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