Top three reasons to incorporate apricots in your diet

Are you craving for a dessert made with apricots? Guess what although you might think dessert is not the best choice to indulge in but apricots surely have numerous health benefits.

Want to know how apricots keep us healthy? Well, then do read through this article.

Apricots also known as Armenian plums, as they have been cultivated in Armenia for the longest time. This fruit was exported to various countries. Way back in the 7th century, the Chinese used to preserve apricots by smoking and drying.    The appearance of these apricot fruits resembles peaches. They have a soft outer flesh with a unique sour taste.

Three health benefits of apricots:

Good for cardiovascular health- The presence of Vitamin C, Potassium, and Beta carotene contribute to healthy functioning of heart. Make it a habit to incorporate apricots in your diet, as they safe guard your heart from free radical damage and also reduce blood pressure.

Helps with constipation- Apricots contain dietary fibre, which aids in easy bowel movement. The level of luminal pH is decreased thereby changing the microorganisms. Due to this reason, the stool quantity and consistency are improved.

Strengthens bone mineral density- One of the common problems in women after menopause is less bone mineral density. Some of the health issues that arise due to low bone density is osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. Apricots not only increases calcium but also magnesium in your body.

Other benefits: Prevents your skin from damage and ageing, lowers inflammation, good for the eyes, controls diabetes, and provides relief from eye pain.

-Akhila kakarala

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