Top three preventive measures to lower the adverse impact of pollution on expecting mothers

The alarming rate of smoke and pollution not only has been a great threat to the environment but it is also harmful for expecting mothers. The foetus is most vulnerable to the harsh chemical pollutants in the atmosphere. The poisonous gases and other harmful substances destroy the DNA cell walls, and the quality of the eggs and sperm is also adversely affected. 

The level of pollution and release of harmful gases disturbs the hormonal functions in the body, which in turn leads to lowered level of fertility.  Some serious issues include- risk of miscarriages, poor quality of sperm, and neonatal death. 

For all the expecting mother, this article provides you ways to lower the adverse impact of pollution- 

1.    Use anti-pollution mask- Pregnant women while stepping outside should cover their mouth and nose with a mask that prevents exposure to the harmful chemicals and dust in the air. 

2.    Enhance your immunity system- All the expecting mothers should focus on strengthening their immune system for a smooth process of delivery. One way to strengthen your immune system is to incorporate nutritious foods in your meals like red onion, jaggery, oranges, grapes, green leafy veggies (spinach, broccoli etc), almonds, dairy products, and beans. 

3.    Drink plenty of fluids- one essential step to take in order to make sure you and your unborn baby is in good health is keep yourself well hydrated. It is recommended for pregnant women to keep sipping on water or healthy fluids (coconut water, fresh juices) to flush out toxins. 

-Akhila kakarala
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