Top three negative effects of playing video games

Is your teenager addicted to Video games? Well, it is a known fact that teens and video games go hand-in-hand. According to researchers, an American teenager spends about nine hours a day on digital devices, either for listening to music, playing games or streaming videos.  

While one cannot deny the fact that playing video games is indeed good for your child, as it enhances cognitive functions, develops problem-solving skills, improves moods and promotes quick thinking. While this said, it is also true that the effect of playing video games regularly is bad for your child’s wellbeing.

In this article, let us look at some disadvantages of playing video games.

1.    Teens tend to become more aggressive- One of the major negative consequences of playing video games on a regular basis is children tend to become aggressive, especially those who play violent games. Playing such games has shown to be bad for your child's mental health as the likelihood of good social behavior is decreased.

2.    Contributes to Childhood obesity- Another major problem in children who spend more time playing video games is they are prone to becoming obese. In some cases, children become so addicted to these games that they even skip sleep and food. In order to keep a tab on your child's weight and health, it is very essential to make them exercise or allow them to play outdoor sports.

3.    Bad for the eyes- Continuous glare from the screen is extremely bad for the eyes. Staring at the screen while playing games strains the eyes and in turn it might even effect the pupil, cornea and iris.

-Akhila kakarala
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