Top three health benefits of wearing jewellery

Ask a woman what’s her most favorite indulgence, and the answer is likely to be jewellery. And while it’s true that jewellery adds beauty to any occasion, did you know that wearing jewellery can provide some actual health benefits? Yes, you heard it right! Each type of jewellery has its own significance and can improve your overall well-being.
In this article, let us discuss three most prominent health benefits of wearing jewellery-

Earrings- In ancient days, wearing earrings was believed to be and effective treatment for menstrual problems. Apart from gold and diamonds, earrings with other gemstones can offer several therapeutic benefits. Wearing emerald earrings during childbirth can help ease the process. On the other hand, ruby earrings can help improve fertility and regulate menstruation, while gold earrings promote healing, reduce stress,   and boost immunity.

Anklets- Have you ever thought about what an anklet could do to your wellbeing? Worn by women in both rural and urban cities, silver payals, as we Indians call them, act as an excellent medium to stop the inflammation in the soles of the feet. They can also help you stay energetic throughout the day. Wearing anklets can provide relief from weakness and leg pain. This attractive jewellery also regulates blood circulation and cures swollen heels.

Bangles- Apart from enhancing feminine grace, wearing bangles is known to be extremely beneficial for health. The constant friction of wearing bangles increases blood circulation and directs energy to all parts of the body. It also increases concentration due to the vibrating sound that is produced when the bangles collide.

-Akhila kakarala
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