Top three health benefits of Tamarind 


One healthy and delicious tropical fruit that is readily available in your kitchen cabinet is tamarind. Not only does it give a nice aromatic flavour and smell to a dish but it is also known for its medicinal properties. Many of us might know the fact but tamarind is used as a ‘date of India’. 


In this article, let us look at three most effective health benefits of this amazing tropical fruit. 

  • Prevents cancer- The antioxidants present in this pod-shaped fruit stops the growth of cancer cells and also prevents the formation of free radicals. The fibre content in tamarind protects the mucus membrane of the colon from the chemicals that cause cancer.  
  • Fights against bacteria- The natural compounds in tamarind contain antimicrobial effects. Tamarind also contains anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties, hence for this reason it treats various viral and bacterial diseases. 
  • Good for the heart- Tamarind lowers blood cholesterol. Due to the presence of potassium content, it lowers the blood pressure and the Vitamin C neutralizes the harmful free radicals.

-Akhila kakarala 

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