Top three health benefits of millets

One healthy nutri-cereal belonging to the grass family is millets. These are considered to be a staple food in several dry land regions.  They contain a significantly high amount of essential vitamins, proteins and minerals. These millets are known to have high level of nutrients as compared to wheat or rice.  Every single grain of millet is very vital for a healthy living as it is packed with several nutrients.

In this article, let us examine top three health benefits of millets-

• Prevents colon cancer- Millets contain a combination of phytonutrients and fibres that are known to lower the risk of being affected by colon cancer. The presence of lignin in this nutritious food aids in converting into mammalian lignin, which further acts as a barrier against breast cancer.

• Treats constipation- Those of you suffering from constipation, should incorporate millets in your daily diet as they help in addressing this common problem. Millets contain a natural fibre that consists of numerous indigestible particles, which  are slowly fermented. This process leads to normal laxation, thereby preventing constipation.

• Improves skin elasticity- one of the many benefits of millets is it helps in improving skin elasticity. The presence of amino acids like L-proline and L-lysine helps in the formation of collagen. This collagen gives a proper structure to the skin tissue. Consuming millets in your diet plays a key role in improving your skin texture.

-Akhila kakarala
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