Top three hair care benefits of coconut milk 

When it comes to hair care, you might be aware of the fact that coconut oil plays a key role in growth and treating hair problems. But, did you know coconut milk is also an essential ingredient for hair care? Yes, you heard it right; the rich and creamy coconut milk, which is used to make some delicious dishes is known to treat several hair issues. 

Coconut milk is a combination of two ingredients- coconut water and cream.  It is widely used by people in Thailand to make curries and in rice dishes. Not only does it give a nice flavour to the dish but it is also healthy. Some of the health benefits of coconut milk are: weight loss, good for cardiovascular health, and enhances the immune system. Coming to hair, this amazing ingredient offers a whole lot of benefits. 

In this article, let us examine top four hair benefits of coconut milk: 

1.    Treats damaged hair- Coconut milk contains all the essential nourishing properties, hence it replaces brittle and damaged hair. All you have to do is to apply coconut milk on your hair and gently massage, leave it on for about five to ten minutes and wash it off with Luke warm water. Regular application of coconut milk will yield good results.  

2.    Helps your hair to grow faster - Coconut milk contains folate and niacin, which improves blood circulation in your scalp. This healthy ingredient is known to promote hair growth. It penetrates through your scalp and provides a deep conditioning to your hair follicles. This extra moisture, helps in improving the texture of your hair.

3.    Treats grey hair- If you’re one of those people who are suffering from grey hair, then incorporate coconut milk into your hair care routine. Apply coconut milk along with amla oil for best results. As both of these ingredients are loaded with Vitamin C, they help in treating this common hair problem. Apply a mixture of coconut milk and amla oil (take equal portions of both the ingredients), allow this paste to stay on your hair for about an hour. Then, rinse it off with lukewarm water.  

-Akhila kakarala
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