Top three grooming services for men

The idea that men who get a manicure or a facial are somehow more feminine has been debunked. In fact, there’s a growing number of spas and beauty treatments that are specially designed for men. Here are some of the more popular and exotic treatments available for all the guys out there!

Diamond Rose Manicure and Pedicure

Another popular and glamorous service offered at the world famous Beverly Wilshire is the Diamond Rose manicure and pedicure. This luxurious treatment uses exfoliating agents such as diamond dust and rose mosqueta oil, which are known to purify and illuminate your skin.

The Diamond Rose manicure and pedicure provide wonderful relaxing and rejuvenating benefits. The ingredients used include diamond experience neuro-aroma lavender, magnetic scrub body crème, and rose mosqueta oil. During this service, your feet, lower legs, hands and fingers are gently massaged with a diamond magnetic scrub. Then the rose mosqueta oil is applied to your feet and cuticles, and finally it ends with a gentle body crème massage. This signature manicure and pedicure comes with a price tag of around $175.

Invisible Haircut by Rossano Ferretti

Ever heard of a haircut that’s worth $1,500? It certainly seems a bit implausible, but that’s what you can expect to pay for a haircut from the world famous hairdresser Rossano Ferretti, who some regard as the most luxurious hairdresser in the world. The ‘invisible haircut’, also known as the method cut by Rossano, is quite popular, especially among celebrities. This haircut lets your hair fall freely with natural movement. It is neither a layered nor a chop cut; rather it follows the natural pattern of your hair. The idea is pretty simple: instead of cutting your hair strands horizontally, the haircut is done at an angle and always in the direction in which your hair flows.

This particular cut stresses on the importance of enhancing one’s approach towards beauty by keeping it minimalistic. Rossano Ferretti has salons all over the world, and his clientele includes celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Middleton, Angelina Jolie, Giorgio Armani, and many others. A wide range of extravagant services for both men and women are offered at various Rossano Spas around the world.

Men’s Age Rebel Facial

Tailored to pamper, this popular 80-minute Age Rebel Facial prevents the signs of ageing in men such as fine lines and wrinkles. It also targets dark circles around the eyes while rejuvenating your skin. It begins with steaming and cleansing the face, after which an enzyme peel is applied. This is followed by a deep facial massage and ends with the application of a toning mask.

In terms of the benefits of this treatment, the enzyme peel removes dead skin cells and enhances cell growth. The Men’s Age Rebel Facial, at a whopping $235, is offered at the Acqualina Resort & Spa in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida. The facility has a 20,000-square-foot luxury spa, and is ranked number one in America.

-Akhila kakarala
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