Top three foods high in Magnesium

One among the many essential nutrients our body needs is, Magnesium. Foods rich in magnesium are good for cardiovascular health, keeps bones strong and helps in functioning of nerves and muscles.

Some effective ways to increase the intake of magnesium rich foods in your diet are use homeopathic magnesium formulas,  consume foods loaded with magnesium, use tropical magnesium supplements and oral supplements.

Green leafy vegetables:  Vegetables such as Kale, spinach and turnip contain high amount of magnesium and other vital nutrients. These vegetables are also known to reduce cancer risk and also protect your cells from damage.  

Brown rice: Brown rice contains four times as much magnesium as white. It helps regulate blood glucose levels and promotes healthy bone growth and teeth.

Edamame: These boiled green soybeans are found in East Asian cuisines. Edamame contains a good amount of magnesium. These soybeans consist of high amount of mineral, vitamins, fibre, and amino acids. Edamame is reduces the risk of breast cancer, menopausal symptoms, and lowers cholesterol.

-Akhila kakarala
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