Top three benefits of Kidney Beans

One of the widely used ingredient to make delicious ‘rajma Chawal’, to the mouth-watering Mexican tacos is red kidney beans.

These come under the family of legume that are widely found in Mexico and Central America. It is listed as one of the major sources of protein. There are various types of kidney beans: Red kidney beans, white kidney beans, purple kidney beans, mottled kidney beans and black kidney beans. Among these varieties, the widely used ones are the red, white and black.

In this article, let us discuss top three health benefits of eating kidney beans.

•    Lowers Cholesterol- Kidney beans are an excellent source of fibre, which in turn aids in lowering the cholesterol level. This soluble fibre is like a gel, which is present in the stomach and prevents the reabsorption.
•    Helps in lowering diabetes- Kidney beans contain significantly high levels of fibre. This fibre along with a low glycemic index is good for people suffering from diabetes. They help in keeping a tab on the blood sugar levels. The two types of amino acids in kidney beans that are responsible for regulating the insulin level are: Leucine and Arginine.

•    Improves concentration and memory power- The presence of Vitamin B1, makes kidney beans an ideal choice of ingredient for improving memory power and concentration. This Vitamin B1 aids in synthesising acetylcholine, which is essential for good functioning of the brain. Kidney beans also good for treating dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Other benefits: boosts energy, prevents hypertension, cleans your stomach, boosts immunity level, good for the cardiovascular system, reduces migraine, treats rheumatoid arthritis, and reduces the risk of cancer.

-Akhila Kakarala
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