Top three benefits of art

In the recent time, one of the common issues faced by people is stress. With the immense responsibilities and work life, your physical and mental health is adversely affected. You might wonder so can this stress be decreased? Well there are many ways to combat stress. One of the most effective ways is to indulge in physical workout and other relaxation exercises.

Coming to relaxing your mind and body, there are several things you could do but one of them is painting. It offers a variety of benefits especially for maintaining a certain level of calmness within yourself. 

The medium of art not only brings out some of your hidden talents, but it also offers a variety of benefits. In this article, let us look at top three benefits. 

Art therapy for cancer patients- People suffering from cancer experience emotions like fear, anxiety, and frustration and majority of them are depressed.  Many cancer rehabilitation centres provide opportunities for patients to showcase their hidden talents. Over the past few years, art therapy became popular as a way to relieve certain symptoms often associated with cancer. Scientific evidence shows that painting or drawing can help cancer patients better recognize and manage their anxiety and depression.

Helps support a healthy social life- Having a good social life is crucial for your well-being, and lacking solid support from friends and family can disrupt your state of mind. Hence, in order to make sure your mental health is not affected by these factors, you can learn art. It is a creative medium through which like-minded people can connect and establish healthy bonds. Socialising over art is known to provide happiness and promote overall health.

Improves emotional intelligence-  Along with meditation, art is a great way to reflect on your inner feelings. When someone is asked to create something on a piece of paper, often the image that emerges reflects their feelings, whether it’s sadness, anger, or happiness. The act of projecting your feelings through creative processes helps you to control your feelings which, in turn, enhance your emotional intelligence.

-Akhila kakarala
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