Top six benefits of sunflower seeds

Are you looking for a healthy snack to munch on, then definitely do try out sunflower seeds. The sunflower seeds originate from the head of the sunflower, the brown centre of a sunflower which is surrounded by the yellow petals; ripen into heavy heads filled with seeds. These contain polyunsaturated, monounsaturated and saturated fats and are categorised into three kinds namely:  highly oleic, linoleic, and NuSun based on the levels of the contain of fats in them.        One interesting fact about the origin of the sunflower is that, although the beautiful flower is native to North America but Russia and Ukraine are the largest sunflower seed producers in the world.

Sunflower seeds are known for their numerous health benefits. Despite their small size; they are high in essential nutrients and minerals that are required for a healthy living. This week, we present you some of the amazing health benefits of these salty and tasty seeds.

Benefits of sunflower seeds:

1. Helps in weight loss- Sunflower seeds are excellent for weight loss as they are high in fibre content. This fibre will keep you full for longer hours; it slows down the glucose absorption. These seeds also contain Vitamin B, which further help in the weight loss process.

2. Good for the heart- The seeds from the sunflower have Vitamin C which prevents heart diseases. The important fatty acids and folate in these seeds have been linked with cardiovascular health. It is said that just 1/4 cup of sunflower seeds a day can keep your heart problems at bay.

3. Glowing skin- The sunflower seeds are not only good for the overall health but also gives a glowing skin. The Vitamin E in the seeds protects the skin layer from oxidative damage. It further aids in supporting the growth of new cells for an absolutely flawless skin.

4. Excellent for congestion of chest- Sunflower seeds are considered as natural remedies against chest congestion. The magnesium content in these seeds are very essential for people suffering from breathing problems such as asthma. The magnesium aids in soothing the muscles that help breathing. It also reduces any kind of inflammation.

5. Fights against inflammation- Due to the presence of antioxidants, sunflower seeds combat inflammation such as skin eruptions, joint pain, swelling, redness and ulcers due to gas. The antioxidants also fight against health conditions such as diabetes and cancer.

6.  Recommended during pregnancy- One of the food items on the list for pregnant women are sunflower seeds. They  are loaded with minerals and phosphorous that aids in the development of the bones of your unborn baby. Presence of photochemical improves the immune system which weakens during pregnancy.

                                                                                                                            -  Akhila kakarala
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