Top seven benefits of art

Nowadays, there’s plenty of pressure to work hard and lead a good life. And on top of all that, other responsibilities along the way can add to the stress, which can affect you both physically and mentally. While physical workouts or yoga can be great options for tackling stress, painting is also an excellent way to relax your mind.

Painting offers a multitude of benefits, especially for maintaining some level of calmness within yourself. So why not try bringing out some of your hidden talents, and reap the benefits while you’re at it!? After all, they say that as you age, it’s essential to focus on bringing out your creative side. Still not convinced? Maybe the following list of benefits will get you to pick up a paint brush and give it a whirl!

Provides relief from stress and enhances your mood. Creating a portrait or a landscape painting on a canvas can be an extremely rewarding experience. Studies show that making a piece of art or just viewing artwork provides an emotional release for people who struggle with mental issues like depression and anxiety, which are often a result of stress. And engaging in a creative activity is regarded as one of the best ways to give your brain a much-needed break from the usual routine.

Improves emotional intelligence. Along with meditation, art is a great way to reflect on your inner feelings. When someone is asked to create something on a piece of paper, often the image that emerges reflects their feelings, whether it’s sadness, anger, or happiness. The act of projecting your feelings through creative processes helps you to control your feelings which, in turn, enhance your emotional intelligence.

Art therapy for cancer patients. People suffering from cancer frequently get depressed or experience emotions like fear, anxiety, and frustration. Now a days, many cancer rehabilitation centres provide opportunities for patients to showcase their hidden talents. Over the past few years, art therapy has grown in popularity as a way to relieve certain symptoms often associated with cancer. Scientific evidence shows that painting or drawing can help cancer patients better recognize and manage their anxiety and depression.

Promotes language development in children. Encouraging children to draw is a good way to help them develop their language skills. Showing them visuals or asking them to draw something from their imagination will not only help them develop their articulation skills, but also strengthen their vocabulary skills. Research shows that, more than verbal presentation, when children are taught visually, they learn quicker and develop more academic interests.

Instils an optimistic attitude. Having a positive mind is known to help heal stress and depression. Simple doodling or creating something meaningful can help uplift your mood and makes you feel happier and more productive. Staying positive is crucial to improving your mental and physical health.

Prevents age-related mental issues. Most of us know that, as we age, our memory power begins to slow down. The blood flow to the brain decreases, which may lead to changes in cognitive skills. In some cases, ageing can cause dementia and Alzheimer’s disease as well. Studies have shown that you can prevent age-related cognitive decline by making some healthy lifestyle changes, such as learning and pursuing a creative activity like painting or pottery. Different forms of creative expression allow people to work together more effectively, which can help boost self-esteem, social engagement, and psychological well-being.

Helps support a healthy social life. Having a good social life is crucial for your health and well-being, and lacking solid support from friends and family can disrupt your state of mind. Hence, in order to make sure your mental health is not affected by these factors, you can learn art. It is a creative medium through which like-minded people can connect and establish healthy bonds. Socialising over art is known to provide happiness and promote overall health.

-Akhila Kakarala
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