Top four ways to prevent your eyes from blue light

Most of us might be aware of the fact that sunlight is made up to different colour lights such as yellow, orange, red, green, indigo, blue and violet. Each of these has different wavelengths and energy. Out of all of these rays, the blue ones have more energy and shorter wavelengths. The blue component from the white light is very harmful for our eyes. The biggest sources of this blue light are from electronic devices, LED and Fluorescent lights.

Even though the blue light emitted from the screen is relatively small compared to the amount from the sun. But, the effect of the screen exposure on your eyes is far more dangerous than you think. It causes various problems like eye strain, dry eyes, difficulty in falling asleep, increases the risk of cataracts, and cancer

In this article we present a few ways to minimise the screen exposure.

1. Frequent breaks. When you’re working, you must make it a habit to take frequent breaks by moving from your work station and simply taking a stroll or just chatting with your colleagues.

2. Screen filters. While working on any electronic gadgets, it is very essential to use a screen filter. Screen filter is available for computers, tablets and phones. It decreases the amount of blue light emitted from gadgets.

3. Glasses designed for computer. There are certain types of glasses available in the markets that are specifically designed for computer screens. These glasses consist of yellow-tinted lenses that prevent the blue light from straining your eyes.

4. Intraocular lens. This particular type of lens protects your eyes from blue light and any of the ultraviolet rays. Get the right IOL lenses after consulting an ophthalmologist.  

-Akhila Kakarala
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