Top four ways to organise your living space

At some point in your live, you must have planned on staying in a home that has all the comforts that we need to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle. However, many of us ignore the fact that along with having all the comforts, it is very important to make sure our living spaces are clean. Organised and neat living areas have numerous benefits that are not just confined to your home but also to your wellbeing.

Are you wondering how to start cleaning, then read this article on ways to declutter your home.

1.    Set a proper strategy- Before you start the cleaning process, you must plan out by marking places in your home, from where you would like to start. The ideal way to clean up is to start from the places that need to be attended first and then you can move on to other areas.

2.    Donate unwanted items- While cleaning your home, you might come across a few items that you do not use anymore, instead of tossing away these in the trash it is good to donate them. Donating to orphanages is a good practice as people who are unable to afford some of these items will utilise them. Things like old clothes, furniture, books etc can be given away.

3.    Organise well- Every time we go shopping, we all are tempted to buy new items to decorate our homes but before you do this, you must organize the items that you are using. Sorting out things that you are using and those you are not, is an easy way to keep your surrounding clean at all times.

4.    Follow the popular three box method- An effective way to organise your home is to follow the famous three box method. Now you might be wondering what this method is all about, it is nothing but a sorting system to segregate things. The first box is for keeping items that you are using, the second one is for discarding things that are old and which you do not use anymore, and the third box is for storing.

Declutering your living spaces is a good habit as it creates a relaxing atmosphere, helps you feel a sense of accomplishment and it keeps your mind at peace and reduces stress.  Reducing your stress level, helps you stay happy and in good health.

-Akhila Kakarala
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