Top four ways to avoid sun damage

On a bright sunny day, we all are tempted to get out and enjoy the weather. In fact, research shows that a certain amount of sun exposure is good for all of us. On the downside, too much of sun light can lead to skin cancer, wrinkles, or premature ageing.

Here are a few effective ways to avoid sun damage:

1.Sunscreen is a must: There are two different types of ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun: UVB and UVA. The UVB rays lead to signs of premature ageing such as dark spots and wrinkles. While the UVA rays can burn your skin. In order to protect your skin, you must apply a sunscreen with SPF 15 or more. Remember to apply it about 30 minutes before stepping out into the sun and then reapply it every two hours.

2.Eat foods rich in antioxidants: You should eat foods that are rich in cancer-fighting antioxidants such as blackberries, cherries, kale, and spinach. They protect the skin cells from the sun's harmful rays. The signs of ageing caused by sun damage can be reversed by incorporating fruits high in vitamin E and C such as papaya, pumpkin, avocado, and guava into your diet.

3.Protect your eyes: Apart from protecting your skin, it is very essential to protect your eyes. The ultraviolet rays can damage the sensitive cells in your eyes and affect your vision. Long-term exposure can lead to serious issues like cataracts. Hence to avoid such problems, wear sunglasses that transmit no more than 1% UVA rays and 1% UVB.

4.Hold onto your hat: It is just not enough to protect your eyes and skin, you must also shield your hair and scalp from sun light. The sun's ray can be harsh on the scalp, causing sunburn and dryness as the heat from the sun makes your hair lose its moisture. Wearing a scarf or a hat is the best way to protect your hair from further damage.

-Akhila Kakarala
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