Top four tips to make a long-distance relationship work

You must have heard people say, Long distance relationships never work out, and some of your friends might advice you not to take it too seriously. Although, extra distance will make things way too complicated and at times it is not that easy but you know the extra miles also makes even simple things the sweetest and most memorable.

Here are top four ways to make the relationship work:

  1. Set some rules- One of the first things to make a long distance relationship work is to set some rules. You and your partner must be clear as to what you both expect from each other. Both of you must be open with each other and talk about your commitment level and how you want to see your relationship down the lane.
  2. Make sure to communicate everyday- The number one rule to make a long distance relationship work is to make sure you talk to your partner every day. Keep him/her updated on what's happening in your life. Go an extra mile, try to send pictures and videos on a regular basis.
  3. Try to do things together- Another effective way to stay in constant touch with your long distance partner is to try to do things together. For example: Both of you play your favourite game online, or do online-shopping and buy each other presents.
  4. Work on building trust- One of the key things to remember in making a relationship last is to trust your partner. No matter what the situation is, you must support and have faith in each other.

- Akhila Kakarala
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