Top four health benefits of mushrooms

by saikrishna
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Do you love mushrooms? Then read this article to know its benefits

Are you one of those people who love to eat mushrooms at any time of the day?  Then you will be happy to know that this delicious flavorful vegetable is loaded with multiple health benefits.

Mushroom also known as toadstool, is a fleshy body of a fungus. They are grown on the soil or on its food source. The consumption of this tasty vegetable dates back to the oldest times, it was eaten by Romans and Greeks. They believed that mushrooms are one of the healthiest foods and provide strength for warriors during conflicts.

Various studies have shown that mushroom contain anti-inflammatory, anti diabetic, anticancer properties. Hence for this reason, they are not only used to prepare various delicious dishes but are also used to make medicines.

Let us look at some health benefits:

1. Strengthens immunity level- The presence of selenium in mushrooms makes them an ideal food for enhancing your immunity level. The selenium stimulates the growth of T-cells, which fight against various infections and other bacterial diseases. Mushrooms do not cause any harm to your gut.

2. Good for heart- Mushrooms contain all the essential nutrients like potassium, vitamin C and Fibre that are needed to maintain a healthy heart. The sodium and potassium in this vegetable help to control blood pressure. Incorporating mushrooms into your diet lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

3. Controls diabetes- Those of you who are diabetic, make it a habit to add mushrooms in your diet as they are contain a whole lot of minerals and vitamins. This vegetable contains enzymes that aids in breaking down of starch in food. Along with controlling diabetes, they also help in proper functioning of pancreas, and liver.

4.Aids in weight loss- Are you trying to lose weight? Then eat a bowl of mushrooms. The dietary fibres, Chitin and betaglucans keep you full for a long time and helps you reduce your appetite.

-Akhila Kakarala
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