Top four health benefits of Flax seeds

There are certain super foods that you must incorporate in your daily diet to stay healthy and fit. One such super food is flax seeds.

Since ancient times, Flax seeds have been regarded as one of the oldest and richest sources of Omega 3 fatty acids with several health benefits. Flax seeds are cultivated from China and Egypt. These seeds are used in Ayurvedic medicine due to their wellness properties.

In this article, let us look at top four health benefits of flax seeds.

1.    Reduces constipation- One of the go-to foods for those who are suffering from severe constipation problem is flax seeds. They consist of both soluble and insoluble fibre. The soluble fibre dissolves in water, while the insoluble one stays in the intestinal tract and aids in smooth bowel movement.

2.    Prevents cancer- The presence of Omega-3 fatty acids in Flaxseeds stops the growth of cancer cells in your body, hence for this reason this super food is known to prevent different types of cancer. Flax seeds also contain lignans, these terminate the formation of tumours from forming new blood vessels. Studies have shown that this amazing food is known to prevent one of the leading life threatening problem in women, breast cancer.  

3.    Lowers cholesterol- Flax seeds contain Phytosterols, which help by blocking the absorption of cholesterol in the intestine. Incorporating this amazing food in your daily routine is known to lower the level of bad cholesterol.

4.    Good for cardiovascular health- The Omega 3, fibre, phytosterols in flax seeds are extremely beneficial for proper functioning of your heart. The oil from Omega 3 fatty acid is associated with lowering the risk of suffering from heart attacks.

Other benefits include: Good for skin and hair, prevents hot flashes, enhances blood sugar levels, and protects against radiation.

Note: Do not consume flax seeds in excess as it may lead to bloating, diarrhea, stomach pain and nausea.

-Akhila kakarala
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