Top four health benefits of Beetroots

For those of you who love to eat beets, here is some great news, they are considered as one of the healthiest foods as they are rich in several vital nutrients. Since ancient times, Beetroots are grown naturally in North Africa, Europe and Asia. They belong to the genus Beta Vulgaris.

Beets consist of essential minerals, vitamins and plant compounds with medicinal properties.  In this article, let us see some health benefits of beetroots.

1.    Good for heart health- Beetroots contain nitrates, which help in lowering the blood pressure and minimise the risk of heart attacks and other ailments related to the heart. Studies have shown that older people, who are suffering from heart strokes, must drink beetroot juice on a daily basis as it reduces the risk of heart problems.

2.    Prevents breast and prostate cancer- Make it a habit to incorporate beets in your daily diet as they are known to prevent prostrate and breast cancer due to the presence of betanin.  Betanin is shown to reduce the growth of cancer cells.

3.    Enhances energy levels- The increase in energy levels in our body are associated with the amount of nitrate content in this tasty vegetable. The nitrate improves blood flow, and hormones, which further play a vital role in boosting your energy levels. The juice prepared from beets is known to increase the blood flow to the limbs.

4.    Aids in treating Anemia- Did you the root cause of anemia is due to the lack of iron? Yes, you heard it right, this delicious vegetable is extremely beneficial for treating anemia as it is rich in iron. The presence of folate in beets is known to fight against anemia.

-Akhila kakarala
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