Top four health benefits of Basketball

One popular sport that is played in different countries is basketball. Regardless of whether you are trying to shoot the ball in the basket, or playing with a big team, playing a game of basketball is an effective physical workout.

For those of you who love sports and want to stay fit, incorporate basketball into your fitness routine.

Here is a list of health benefits of playing this amazing sport-

1.    Enhances your motor skills- One way to develop a good hand-eye coordination is to play this sport. The jump shooting and free-throw aid in training hand-eye coordination. For dribbling and shooting you will requires a good hand-eye coordination. Basketball also improves cognition.

2.    Burns more calories- While you have plenty of choices to shed weight, one fun way to lose weight is to play a game of basketball. For one hour of basketball, a person might burn around 600 calories.

3.    Bone health- Basketball is also known to improve bone health. Physical activities like basketball and jumping aid in the development of new bone tissue and make them stronger.

4.    Reduces stress- On the days that you feel low, One of the best ways to improve your mood is to play basketball. This fun game reduces stress and keeps your mind active. Through this game players get to socialise with their team mates and it also helps in lowering depression, which in turn keeps your immune system stronger.

Before the game, you must perform some warm-up exercises . Make sure to keep yourself well hydrated at all times during the game. In order to avoid injuries, protect your elbows and knees with braces.

-Akhila kakarala
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