Top four foods to avoid in summer

Summer is finally here! And this means that we all can indulge in some of our favourite seasonal fruits like Mangoes, strawberries, plums and pineapple. While it always fun to relish on some of these delicious and healthy fruits and also a few cold treats but on the downside, summer brings with it a whole lot of health issues.
Some of the common health problems that most people suffer from during this season are heat strokes, headaches, hot flushes, and dehydration.  Many of us might be aware of the fact that there are certain type of fruits and vegetables that can worsen these health problems, hence it is best to avoid them.
Avoid excess eating of these top foods during summer

1.    Mangoes- This can surely be a huge disappointment for many, as we all love to indulge in delicious mangoes during summer. But, unfortunately mangoes are associated with a rise in body heat and excess consumption can lead to various health issues like stomach pain, diarrhea and headache.

2.    Oily food- Junk foods such as French fries, popcorn chicken or other deep fried items should be avoided especially during summer. As these foods can increase your body heat and lower your immunity levels.

3.    Say no to spices- spices such as peppers, cloves and cardamom will surely add a nice aroma and taste to your dish but adding spices should be avoided in summer. These spices can make you feel dehydrated.

4.    Red Meat- Red meat like pork, lamb and mutton should not be consumed in excess during summer as these are high in saturated fats, and in turn they increase the blood cholesterol and produce heat in the body.

-Akhila Kakarala
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