Top four benefits of Avocado

Are you looking for a mid day snack to munch on? Then, why not try a delicious avocado dip with chips. Avocados are loaded with healthy fats, hence for this reason this tasty fruit has become a number one choice among health-conscious people.  

In this article, let us look at some of the health benefits of this superfood:

•    Good for the heart- Avocados contain Beta-sitosterol, which is an essential nutrient in keeping your cholesterol levels in check. Eating avocados on a regular basis has shown to lower the risk of heart disease.

•    Prevents cancer- One of the essential health benefits of avocados is it protects against cervical, stomach and pancreatic cancer. The phytochemicals present in avocados kill the cancer cells and they decrease the chromosomal damage caused due to a chemotherapy drug.

•    Good for pregnant mothers- If you are expecting a baby, then you should incorporate avocados in your daily diet. This superfood contains folate, which is a vital nutrient for healthy delivery. Avocados also reduce the risk of miscarriage.

•    Helps to cope with depression- The folate present in avocado helps to lower the risk of depression as it prevents the growth of homocysteine. Homocysteine is responsible for the production of serotonin, and dopamine, which further regulates mood and sleeping patterns.

-Akhila kakarala
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