Top 5 reasons to Declutter and Re-organise your Computer

Staying organised comes naturally to the geeks, it’s probably also one of the reasons why they are also able to organise the information they learn and put it to good use. The second Monday of February is officially dedicated to the Cleaning Out of Your Computer, let’s look at the Top 5 reasons to declutter and organise your computer.

Whether it is the computer on your desk at the office, or your personal laptop on which you depend for recreational activities and for days when you need to get work done from home, the act of cleaning it up, will benefit you in several small yet impactful ways.

Hope our list of Top 5 reasons to Declutter and Re-organise your Computer will inspire you to treat your computer the way it deserves to be — with love and respect!

1. An overview of your life: When we use the computer, each file that we download or download to upload, holds a meaning for us — it might be good, bad or neutral. After months of daily usage, when you sit down one fine day to check all the data stored in your computer, you essentially create an opportunity for yourself to look back at what your life has been like, the past few months or years! This perspective does not come for granted while we are busy going through life.  

2. A cathartic experience: As you start sorting between the files to retain the ones which are useful to you and bring you joy, and to delete the ones which don’t, you will notice that the act of deleting the unnecessary and unpleasant is highly cathartic, and of the kind which is best experienced in the exclusive space between you and your computer. This happens because every digital object you come in contact with also makes you feel something — and it might be good, bad or neutral.

3. Accessibility of Files: All your important files and documents become handy with ease of accessibility, as you folderize them for that purpose. Using the computer very convenient if you interact with files on a daily basis. It also prevents your files from being misplaced, which can happen very easily in an unnoticed moment when you randomly store your downloads. We would also encourage you to invest in strong storage devices like an External Hard Drive and Pen Drive on which you can safely store all your important files such as pictures from your last holiday and your work portfolios, which you don’t use on a daily basis.

4. Personalised Gadget: At the later stages of this tedious process of decluttering and re-organising your computer, you will begin to feel the spaciousness and the creative inclination to customise your computer as per your personal likes and requirements for how you need your gadget to serve you. On a lighter note, it might be the beginning of a productive relationship with your computer, especially if it is your personal computer.

5. Healthier Processor: Once your computer is relieved from every file and binary information which does not serve you on a daily basis, it will deliver better performance. The rate at which the computer processes commands increases quite exponentially. If you also manage to install the necessary anti-virus softwares, then you might as well call it Christmas to your computer now!