Top 5 Kristen Stewart hairstyles

Never one to shy away from edgy and quirky hairstyles, Kirsten Stewart – a.k.a the master of reinvention – is our favorite hairstyle groundhog. From flirty fishtail braid to trendy, sculpted bob, we chart out the hairstyle revolution of the world's poster girl.

Read on to get inspired...

Bright Orange Bob
1. Bright Orange Bob:
This is plain LOVE! Kristen always hit a high note with her hair colour and this funky bright orange look is no different! Her short, asymmetric, side-swept bob looks so darn glam, we really do want to get inspired and go for the chop too.  

Fishtail Braid
2. Fishtail Braid:
Jealous much? So are we! The messy and sexy version of the braid is everything we need when we are in a time crunch. To achieve this look, pull your hair to a side for a ponytail. Next, French plaiting the ponytail until you reach your neck, and then secure with elastic. Once done, spritz little hairspray and gently pull the plait apart for a frizzy and romantic touch.
Milkmaid Braid 
3.    Milkmaid Braid:
We love a classic milkmaid braid, and this messy wraparound on "Clouds of Sils Maria” actress is one red carpet hairdo that could be copied anywhere. To mimic this halo updo, separate hair into two ponytails, braid them separately and secure it in the end with pins. Now, pull the braid separate your ponytail and braid it all the way to the tips and secure with hair ties. Wrap the braid around your head to give extra height and set the look with hairspray.
Sculpted Bob 
4.    Sculpted Bob:
This sleek, sculpted bob certainly makes a classic style statement. What amps-up Kristen's look is her sultry, smokey eyes and flawless skin which is a perfect combo for her black outfit. To achieve the look ask your hairdresser to twist the center section up the flat-ironed hair to rest on top of your head.
One-Sided Cornrow Plait 
5.    One-Sided Cornrow Plait:
Kristen brought her quirky hairstyle to the Paris Fashion Week, rocking her long hair with cornrow plait. This half-updo gives KStew’s style an edge and is actually more daring than her shorter locks could ever be. Take inspiration from the actress and opt for a minimal makeup to keep things chic and feminine.

..... Anisha