Top 3 Places to Travel Solo

Although most people don't particularly enjoy their own company, there are quite a few advantages of doing certain things alone, like dining and travelling. If you are the kind who can put up with yourself, you should know that you can cover a lot of ground on your own! The advantages of travelling solo are: you don’t have to hunt for other’s luggage at airports or wait for them to shop or pee. You can follow your own itinerary and do whatever you want, whenever you want to – you’re completely free! Here are the top three places you can visit while on a solo sojourn.

Seville, Spain 
Spain is a country so famously social that it is known for the concept of having tapas with friends and sharing with them. Seville, stereotyped as Spain’s most fun-loving and hospitable region demonstrates its social life in the streets, plazas and outside the bars. It’s also easy to start a conversation with the locals there. They say that you don’t need to plan your day here. You just need to go outside and something will surely find you. The best time to visit this place is during the Feria de Abril, when the whole city dresses up in 1899s costumes and does the dance of Sevillana, while day-drinking. It’s an experience to behold!

Glacier National Park, Montana
Spanning over a million acres, with 175 mountains and 745 miles of maintained hiking trails, the Glacier National Park is a beautiful place to explore alone. You will spot animals from chipmunks and rabbits to bears and moose. You will be surprised to know that you need to wear jingling bells to scare away the bears while hiking and always carry a bear spray while walking alone. Reminding you of the magnificence of nature, the snow-capped mountains that surround you will leave you dumbfounded.

Paris, France 
If you’ve decided to travel to Paris alone, then you’re about to binge on the world’s best museums. While the city feeds you culture and beauty, Paris shows off its treasures that are truly historic. You can also expect to find yourself in a blissful stroll or soulful meditation. While the museum pass costs around 74 euros with an expiry of six days and entry into 50 different sites, you travel here is more like a journey to understand different people and their beliefs