Top 3 nice ways to honour your Guitar

February 11 is not another common day. It is, indeed, a day of significance for those who love music to the degree of depending on it for oxygen. If you are one of those, you are either a listener and seeker, or a composer and producer, or a DJ! Maybe you are a singer or a guitar player who made it a point to attend all their guitar lessons when you took it up. Life has been busy with keeping up to responsibilities, and there has probably not been enough time or a chance to get your guitar out, dust it off and play the song of your heart.

However, today is the day you can’t make an excuse. If you have a guitar and you know how to play it, then get it out because it is Get Your Guitar Out Day, and here are the Top 3 nice ways to honour your guitar:

Jam with your friends: Call all your music-loving friends, order some snacks and make some drinks. Gather them around and play the songs which you never get tired of. Make an evening of it.

Make a Video: It’s always nice to share your talent with the world, and what better, quicker and most convenient way to do it than by making a video of it and posting it on any of the popular Social Media platforms.

Learn a new song: Now there are several tutorials on video streaming platforms from where you can learn the notes of a new song from the comfort of your room. And there is absolutely no better way of showing respect to your guitar and the rocking sounds it makes when you play it with all your might, than by learning or committing to keep learning to play new songs on it.