Top 3 cool benefits of Staying Single

Are you single and proudly so? There are so many days dedicated to couples throughout the year, which makes the Singles among us cringe. While the couples are busy looking forward to Saint Valentine’s Day, here’s one for the “happily singles”— it’s called Satisfied Staying Single Day. Every February 11, Satisfied Staying Single Day is observed to celebrate the idea that being alone is as empowering as being in a healthy, romantic relationship.

There are several cool benefits of staying single. One of them is having a lot of time to yourself with the choice of how to spend it lying entirely upon you. Of the lot, we made a list of Top 3 cool benefits of Staying Single, until you find your SIGNIFICANT OTHER.

You have a larger support system: Being intimately involved with someone can affect the rest of your friendships and familial relationships, as you tend to give all your time and energy to the one whose presence excites you the most, who you feel most comfortable with. When you are single, you have all the time to truly bond with the people in your life. We all need a strong support system of good, reliable friends and family relatives. Being meaningfully connected to the people in your circle, can be a boon for life! If you truly invest in it, you will see that you are not alone, ever.

You develop a deeper connection with yourself: To be in a committed relationship, or to marry another person for life, essentially begins and depends on the quality of your relationship with yourself. The principle being that the way you love and behave with yourself makes the foundation for how you will express your love for others. There are certain journeys which we need to go through on our own. There are certain questions in our mind, especially those of the existential nature, the journey to finding the answers to them is best taken alone.  

You have the whole bed to yourself: The last but not the least cool benefit of staying single is that you have the whole bed to yourself. This means the time at which you choose to go to bed and wake up is all up to you! You have the whole bed to yourself to keep your stuff, or to sleep like royalty — which is, indeed a comfortable and luxurious experience. Besides, getting good sleep directly improves your focus, mood and body functionality.