The top 10 slang words we’ve picked up in 2014

Among many other things 2014 will be known for, the strangest of it all is the vocabulary we have picked up. Some are very difficult to understand for the first time while the others sound cool. We decipher for you the 10 most popular slang words of 2014.
10.) Bae
This is just another way of calling a baby or a babe.

9.) Basic
A term used to describe people who do basic stuff like line up for lattes, wear UGG’s or listen to Taylor swift songs.

8.) Vape
The inhale and exhale smoke of an e-cigarette. It was named the word of the year by oxford dictionary.

7.) On fleek
Just another way of saying you are ‘on point’ or perfect. Often used to describe hair or eyebrows and lso used to say that something is cool.
6.) Yeet
Yeet is used to describe excitement. Score a three pointer in basketball and people use the term yeet.

5.) Normcore
If you are wearing average looking clothes, undistinguished and normal – then the fashion trend is called as normcore basically charcterised by white tees and sneakers.

4.) #blessed
People were so blessed by this hashtag #blessed that they have used #blessed on social media for coffee, rainboots, sunsets, sunrises, dead leaves, kittens -- you name it.

3.) Zero chill
Used to describe something or someone so out of control or so over excited that it’s annoying.

2.) Turnt
Used when the guy or a girl is hyped up at a party.

1.) Slay
Yayy!! You have succeeded. (at something)