The Top 10 Fabulous Restaurants 2018 – From The Luxury List

Flawless beauty and sophisticated elegance are key components of luxury. The brand, quality, personality, allure and overall presentation are what are taken into consideration when speaking of luxurious objects. Our list for 2018’s most luxurious take these same criteria into account. In our rundown of fashion houses, we’ve carefully considered every label and selected only the most exclusive ones. For luxury  car designers, the company’s sense of style and direction, taking its past and present into account, is most important. Jewellery designers selected for this list all have the glitz and sophistication required to make the grade.

We’ve hand-picked the top restaurants as well, looking at their Michelin star status along with expansive creations and innovation. Plus you need a setting that’s charming and brings beauty with flavour to savour. The jets and yachts’ sleek style is what luxury is all about – a product that’s built to deliver a certain style and grand, overall experience. And of course, real estate is extremely popular as a top luxury option. Everyone dreams of living in a palace, but of course, it comes with a price. Check out our picks here for a taste of luxury living.     - Rahim Latif


1) Quay - Boasting three Michelin stars, Quay is a place where, before the exquisite taste kicks in, the customer will get a rush just from the extraordinary visual appeal of the dishes served. The Sydney Opera House complements the restaurant and the view of the gorgeous Sydney Harbour is a sight to behold. Chef Peter Gilmore is known for his jaw dropping work here, and Quay holds its spot as the definitive vision of sophistication in the art of cuisine.

2) Daniel - 1993’s Daniel is the masterpiece of four-star chef Daniel Boulud. The exquisite French cuisine served at Daniel attracts the crème de la crème of Manhattan and the food is made to astonish. The balance of flavours is superb and everything  is cooked to perfection. To name a few, their masterpieces include the tender Wagyu beef and flavour-filled quail. Overall, the restaurant is known to be one of the best because of the meticulousness the chef demands in the preparation of all the food served.

3) The Fat Duck - Bray, Berkshire, England is the home of the famous restaurant, The Fat Duck. Well known for balance of flavour and vision, the restaurant is famous for its Alice in Wonderland dish. Admirers of the place say that the kind of food that head chef Heston Blumenthal serves is reminiscent of a French bistro. This Michelin star restaurant is certainly one of the best in the UK.

4) Lasserre - Guests who dine at Lasserre can expect a delightful combination of intense emotion, tangy rhubarb, and wild strawberries! Head chef Michel Roth conceptualised the restaurant, incorporating French gastronomy. This house of food is known for a variety of delectable dishes that easily earn its Michelin star rating.

5) Dinner by Heston Blumenthal - Melbourne’s best hotspot – a Heston Blumenthal classic – Dinner is a one-of-a-kind reinvention of classic British cuisine, re-created for a new and more contemporary palate. Eggs in Verjuice is a prominent option at the Michelin star restaurant – a true stand out on its menu. The well-known Orange is the most famous and complex dish at this restaurant. There’s little doubt that this top-notch dining pick is amongst the best.

6) Eleven Madison Park - Situated in midtown Manhattan, Eleven Madison Park is one of the best in the world and is well-known for fine dining. Daniel Humm’s amazing restaurant has won many awards and regularly turns out the best contemporary American dishes.

7) Pierre Gagnaire - Chef Pierre Gagnaire’s self-titled French culinary cuisine is known to be amongst the best in France. The restaurant’s best-known dish, "Canard,” is a luxurious choice that epitomises this Michelin star spot.

8) Jean George - Jean George is a two Michelin star restaurant that overlooks New York’s breath taking Central Park. It is a French ultra-luxe fine dining experience, made to deliver the best in every sense of the word.

9) Nobu Downtown - Nobu Downtown’s famous delicacies, including ‘Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeno’ and ‘Banana Soy Toban,’ are beyond even the standard of Michelin star restaurants. The entrees and desserts served are absolutely delightful, while the New York City atmosphere complements the restaurant perfectly.

10) Osteria Francescana - Osteria Francescana prides itself on its classic Italian cuisine. Three Michelin stars are evident in its ‘Sometimes mallard, sometimes partridge, and even bollito’ dish, along with a range of other brilliant options.